I’ve taken an extended time away from this blog – more to come about that soon. But – just in case you were depending on me to remind you to send prayer cards to your dear ones – here I am!

Prayer cards are a yearly tradition for me – as much to remind myself to pray as to remind the people I pray for that – yes: I plan to pray for them.

So – if it would be helpful for you – here you go! It’s a perfect chore for a cold, winter weekend. 

♥ Print out these little cards – one for each person. There are two cards per page. I prefer to use cardstock but plain paper is fine. You might have to fiddle with your printer to make the two sides turn out in the right direction. Patience! 

PPW giftcard – front

PPW giftcard 2019-inside

♥ Put them in a color of envelopes that will stand out in their mail. Envelopes A2 Size (4 3/8″ x 5 3/4″). I prefer red but they come in every color!

♥ Maybe decorate the outside of the envelopes with hearts and endearments. Maybe add some candy! But keep it simple. Don’t make it a huge art project. Don’t stress!

♥ Mail or give them to your dearest ones. As soon as possible!

♥ Then pray! Print out the reminder cards to post around your house – as little nudges. Set reminders on your phone to nag you.

PPW Prayer Reminder 2019

2019 is underway and will soon be a memory. You know people who need prayer – who you want to pray for. Commit to it. Tell them. Carve out the time. We have all the time we need but we only have today. We’ll never regret time spent in prayer for our dearest ones.

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