The delights of the holidays are a distant memory and the explosion of spring is a vague hope. Are you in need of something to spark your family’s mood in these bleak mid-winter days?
Perfect timing for a Red-Letter Day!

What are Red-Letter Days? A “red-letter day” is a quaint old title for a day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable (according to Google). 

Some years ago, when my family was bogged in a mid-winter malaise, I instituted Red-Letter Days. I just got an old peanut butter jar (that happened to have a red lid!) and filled it with slips of paper with various surprise activities. I bought a pair of socks that were covered with letters (strange find, I know). Every couple days, I’d wear the socks. When a kid noticed the socks – they could choose a card from the jar. And it became a Red-Letter Day! 
This doesn’t need to be a big project. Grab a piece of paper – cut it up – dash off some common activities that will seem special when they’re treated as a treat! 
Use your kids’ imaginations to add to your list. Some of our cards:
– Hat Day
– Narnia Day
– Bible Character Day – 
– Make Someone Else’s Bed Day
– Renaissance Day
– Plan a Surprise for Mommy/Daddy Day
– Stuffed Animal Day
– Pirate Day
– Art Project Day
– Pioneer Day
– Beach Party Day
– Bless Someone Else Day
– Color Day
– Game Day
– Do Schoolwork Day Candlelight Day
– Take Treats to Church Office Day
– Super Hero Day
– Dessert for Breakfast Day
– Plan a Party Day
– Bless a Neighbor Day 
– Send Card to an Older Person From Church Day
– Bless Grandparents Day
– Do a chore for someone else day
– PJ Day
– Lego Day
– Camping Day
– Choose a Read-Aloud Day
The only rule for our Red-Letter Days: they could NOT be a big production. The activity or theme was just accomplished with what we had on hand.  No runs to the store – no big messes. Ok – sometimes there were big messes – but most days have messes, right? These were SPECIAL messes! 
One funny experience from our Red-Letter Days: we did Dessert for Breakfast Day once. Just once. I made LARGE chocolate chip cookies and served them as breakfast. Shortly – the kids felt quite ill. Cookies for breakfast lead into a good nutrition lesson about refined carbs and blood sugar and energy. Let’s just say they’ve begged to never do that Red-Letter Day again!
 Your kids need a break. You need a break. Take it! Color it RED.

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