God calls us to pray because He knows that we need Him; He uses prayer to connect with us through all the stages and seasons of life. My hope is that Prayer PathWay will be a help to you as you journey through your days in prayer.

Prayer PathWay is original in its conception and brilliantly structured— and it does just what it promises! This beautiful book rides on the vast sea of God’s Word and draws its life from its depths. The wisdom of the praying saints of the centuries provides inspirational sidebars that are a joy to read in themselves. Here is a volume that will ignite the prayers and fire the devotion of every reader/sojourner. There is nothing quite like Prayer PathWay.
—R. Kent Hughes, Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church, Wheaton; Visiting Professor, Practical Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary; Author, Disciplines of a Godly Man


Prayer is a profound privilege and yet such a mystery. Kathi will help you to learn to pray in such a way as to appreciate both. Her acrostic provides a helpful, insightful concept, and the historical quotes about prayer are a great addition to the book.
—Susan Hunt, former Director of Women’s Ministries, Presbyterian Church in America; Author, Prayers of the Bible;


Kathi Westlund has given the church the fruit of twenty years of prayer labor. Forged in the realities of everyday life, this journal is not an academic treatise on prayer; it is a peek into the lessons learned by a seasoned prayer-warrior. Kathi has refined her understanding of prayer through countless prayer burdens, and this has given us a powerful tool to bring us into a deeper relationship with God and a deeper joy in participating in His work in this world. Through instruction, encouragement, and admonition, Prayer PathWay is a guide to lead us to the throne of grace, focus our prayers, and challenge our hearts. Laden with Scripture, this volume is inspirational, educational, and intensely practical. What might God do through the prayers of His people fueled by this extensive guide? I highly commend this outstanding resource to you as you consider your part in the great work and blessing of prayer.
—Sally Michael, Cofounder, Children Desiring God; Author, God’s Names


Prayer PathWay will help you to organize your prayer life. Its purpose is that simple. But it’s more than just a prayer organizer. This tool is also the fruit of countless hours both in prayer and thinking about prayer by Kathi Westlund. Some may find her pathway too structured for their personality; others will find it orderly and clarifying. Some may hesitate at a few of the sources of the inspirational quotations in the margins; others will happily glean what they can from them. But every Christian can benefit from the Scriptures the author has collected for each topic, as well as the suggestions of how to pray for others, such as one’s spouse. In short, there’s something here for just about every Christian looking for help in prayer.
—Donald S. Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Author, Praying the Bible

For years, I longed for a prayer guide – one that would help me to pray when I couldn’t find refrains to reflect my happiness or laments to echo my sorrows; one that would help me to press on in prayer when I felt prayerless. So I read book after book after book — searching. But it was all there in my own Bible! Words breathed by God, through men; words that have strengthened and awed God’s people throughout the centuries since Christ walked His own earthly path of joy and pain toward the cross. As I opened my eyes to behold the wonders in the Word, I was strengthened for my own journey. And my desire for the Word was ignited by seeing what God had for me there.

As I started using my Bible as a prayer book, I saw a path of prayer emerge. In the Bible, I saw God’s people praising, repenting, asking, yielding, thanking, and rejoicing—over and over, in all situations, through all generations. In my other reading, I saw that since Bible times God’s wise ones have attempted to put their journeys into words. Those words have left a trail to strengthen the hearts and fuel the prayers of subsequent sojourners like me. I saw the timeless truth of the Bible under-scored but not replaced, echoing down the centuries—pointing me to Christ.
Using the Bible in prayer gave me a prayer voice that was more sure and settled than my own. I began to tread a path of prayer that has helped me to pray through my days: to rejoice in hope, to be patient in trials, to be constant in prayer, humbled by the knowledge that Jesus walked this way before and encouraged by the fact that He walks with me now!

Out of my prayer journey came a tool. I call it Prayer PathWay and have prepared and published it for other travelers. The heart of the book is P-R-A-Y-E-R-S, an acrostic for seven areas of prayer (Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield, Express Thanks, Rejoice, Shalom.). Each section is a portion of a daily prayer journey with Bible passages to guide your praying and inspiring quotes to encourage you with the thoughts of sages who have traveled this way before.

There are extra pages for you to collect your own verses and record your own prayer journey. There are forms and resources to help you if you’d like to make a prayer notebook.

Prayer PathWay is a guidebook for those who . . .
• want to use the Bible as a prayer book;
• want to pray but are unsure where to begin;
• are eager to intercede for others but forget;
• desire a focused life of prayer but find their thoughts scampering off;
• would like help assembling a prayer notebook to record what God has done.

God calls us to pray because He knows that we need Him; He uses prayer to connect with us through all the stages and seasons of life. My hope is that Prayer PathWay will be a help to you as you journey through your days in prayer.

What happened to Prayer PathWay: A Sojourner’s Guide?

In case you’re wondering about what happened to Prayer PathWay: A Sojourner’s Guide (which I self-published in 2013) – it sold out! It’s now in it’s second edition and is entitled Prayer PathWay: Journeying in a Life of Prayer and was published by P&R Publishers in November, 2016. While much of the content remains the same, the book has been completely revised and re-formatted, and some new material has been added. The Bible verse sections, of course, are still central to Prayer PathWay. The inspirational quotation collection has been refined and expanded and – for quote-nerds like myself – a unique, detailed index of the quotes has been painstakingly assembled by my editor to encourage further exploration. The new version is no longer a binder – now it’s a hardback (with a ribbon bookmark!). The reader will find numerous reproducible forms and resources with instructions for assembling a personal prayer notebook. I’m hopeful that this new version of Prayer PathWay will be as well-received is the previous one was.

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